Getting all Synthy in Essex


Alan Richards sent me the link to his Photosynth, taken in one of the IT suites at his school - West Hatch High School in Essex. For being the first to tackle my competition, he wins the first goody bag. There’s another goody bag waiting for the best entry by the end of the month.

Two things I noticed about Alan’s IT suite:

  1. Lovely view (and I hadn’t realised there were so many trees in Essex!)
  2. Better solution than bars on the windows – just put the IT room on the 4/5th floor!

Take a look for yourself on the Photosynth site. And then have a go yourself – see this post.

I’m going to try one myself tomorrow – I’m central London so I’ll go and find a nice old building to photograph. A lesson I’ll take from Alan’s example is to take enough overlapping photographs, to see if I can achieve his “100% synthy” level)

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