OneNote – Part II

Earlier today , I wrote about OneNote, and I got an email shortly afterwards drawing my attention to the video on the Tips page above the one I mentioned, which was about a group of pupils from a Norwegian Primary School. I had a look, and I can’t believe I missed it – not only for the fact that the students were so relaxed and confident with the technology, but also for the whole style of teaching and learning happening at the school.

Video: OneNote Usage in Norwegian Schools

How does that compare to the teaching and learning in your school?

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  1. John_Howarth says:

    Hi Ray,

    Many thanks for sharing this clip with us. Here at Bolton Council’s Schools ICT Unit we’ve been using OneNote 2007 for about 18 months and have found it an absolutely invaluable tool. It’s great to see such an accessible piece of technology in use in the learning environment.

    All the best,


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