What does next decade’s PC look like?

NapkinPCYou may recall me blogging the ‘Next-Gen PC’ competition last year, aimed at getting people to think outside of the (beige/black/silver) box for computer design. Well, the winners have been announced, and the amazing Napkin PC is the winner. It uses the metaphor of a paper napkin (“great ideas often start on a napkin…”), which is the US cultural equivalent of our “back of the envelope”. The blurb says “The Napkin PC is a multi-user, multi-interface, modular computer designed for creative professionals to collaborate and bring their greatest ideas to life.”

The design comes to life with the use of e-paper to allow you to interact with, and then retain images - imagine, you get an image/idea you like, you just pin that on the wall, and grab a new piece of e-paper to carry on.

NapkinPCCollaborateThere were 20 finalists, and all of them are on the site to browse. I think that there’s plenty of good lessons in here – from the designs and different challenges being addressed, to the professional presentation styles. For example, take a look at the 10 slides for the winning design, to see how they move from idea to concept, through to addressing specific issues such as environmental sustainability.

I was led onto thinking about how something like this could be used in education. Ever since I saw (and played with) the Microsoft Surface PC, I’ve wondered how we can use a different computer interface to more effectively share, discuss and analyse data and information. How can we make it easier for people to sit around a table and discuss issues face-to-face, without having to resort to all facing a screen or whiteboard. If the Napkin PC comes to life, then it’s definitely something I’d want at home, to sit down and work together with my children on a piece of paper, rather than leaning over a desk to point at a screen. And maybe I’ll be able to spend less time sitting staring into one.

I’m sure you’ll find your own light bulb moment too, amongst the winners and finalists on the competition’s web site.

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  1. arichards says:

    I want one !!!!

    If this could be manufactured it would be a massive seller.

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