Free Office 2007 classroom posters

I bet you can’t wait until the end of term…because either you’ll be getting a well earned rest, or because you’re itching to get your next IT project started, once all of the teachers and students have stopped using your network.

I’ve been working in education ICT for 20-odd years (yes, some of them very odd), and can still remember the days when closing down the system for a few days in term-time was still allowed. Now that 24x7 computing is a reality in schools, I know that it’s almost impossible to perform major system changes even during the weekends or summer holidays. But still, the summer break is still the key time for the networks to be upgraded, expanded and generally polished up.

And this summer, I know that there are lots of schools planning to upgrade to Office 2007 – and some have been asking for posters to go up in the ICT and Business Studies rooms. The good news is, they’ve just arrived!

Poster-Excel Poster-PowerPoint

I have a pile of poster tubes, just around the corner, containing 8 of these posters (2 of each for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook).

Poster-Word Poster-Outlook


If you’d like me to send you a set, just email Mir with your name, school name and address. Let me know if you’re already using Office 2007 in the classroom, or if you’re rolling it out this summer, and then I’ll get them in the post ASAP.

(If you just can’t wait, and you want to download the PDFs, then click here to get them from my SkyDrive)

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  1. Ray Fleming says:

    The first request landed in my inbox a short while ago, from Ian at Islay High School. I’ve often read Ian’s blog (at and know that he’s got an an interesting story to tell.

    They’ve just been awarded the “LTS School of Ambition” award (congratulations Ian, for the 2nd year running!)

    And one of my other favourite education bloggers, Ewan McIntosh, wrote an interesting piece about their use of OneNote and Ultra-Mobile PCs for peer assessment on his blog


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