SharePoint Day slides

Today was ‘SharePoint Partner day’ at our offices – we invited 21 different SharePoint partners to present to about 100 schools – which meant a whirlwind of presentations. In all, there are now 95 educational software applications which have been integrated into SharePoint and the Microsoft Learning Gateway, so we had a lot to cover!

21 partners x 12 minutes each= a lot of PowerPoint

I don’t know what I’d done to deserve it, but Mark asked me to kick off the day with my “New World of Learning” presentation, which talks about some of the changes in the workplace, the world of technology, and students’ lives. And he gave me bonus time – I got a massive 20 minutes to do the whole story!

Here’s the slides I used, and just below the link to the video. (

I’ll see how many of the 21 partner presentations I can get, to share here too)

Finally, you can download the excellent video of the US students below. The version I used is an edited version of the original, which I'd twinned up with KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I see". The download below is sound-track-less, so it's time to hone your Movie Maker skills!

The video is from the Digital Ethnography project at Kansas State University, and the full video is on their web site.
If you liked it, the other video they produced which I'd recommend is their (more technical) Web 2.0 video "The Machine is Us/ing us".

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