More free training materials and resources for teachers

As part of the Partners in Learning programme, we develop training and curriculum materials for teachers, which are then made available free of charge. It includes a range of professional development resources, curriculum and learning materials designed to support teachers in developing further skills, from ICT and using ICT in the delivery of their lessons to investigating new approaches to teaching and learning.


Some of the materials available include:

Materials for ICT teachers , such as materials to create a student-run IT Hep Desk, a network course for KS4 and ‘Code Rules’ to support computer programming.

Materials for teachers using ICT in other curriculum areas, including the “101 Ideas for Teachers”, Know IT All for e-safety, and the resources from the Hampshire/TDA Cross Curricular ICT project.

Michael Fullan’s “Leading Change" for managers and school leaders

You can find it all on our Curriculum section on the UK Education website

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