Darwinian Databases on video

If you're an ICT teacher, you'll be familiar with the following scenario.

    • You're teaching about a particular system or technology.
    • You need to give an example of a real world application of a technology.
    • The text books/course materials have an example from 10 years ago - and it's no longer relevant.
      I am that old that my text books still referred to punch cards, when they'd died out 10 years before. Similarly, my daughter asked me about floppy disks, because her IT course covered them, but she'd never seen or used one.

Watching a video this week, which we'd made with Cambridge University on their use of SQL Server, made me realise these resources could be useful for schools in a completely different context.

If you're teaching about relational databases, this video would help to illustrate how the 'relational' bit is going further - in this case, to relate century's old data to modern mapping data.

Find out some more about the project in this earlier blog post.

Video: Microsoft Cambridge University SQL Server 2008

A higher quality version of this video is on the right hand side of this web page

Which got me thinking...is there a way for you to find some of our other videos? I’ve tried looking, but can’t find one. I’ll keep looking though. Perhaps you can suggest some?

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