Multi-lingual SharePoint anybody?

SharePoint, which is at the heart of the Learning Gateway, is an effective multi-lingual platform and has a range of multi-lingual features including Language Interface Packs (LIPs), translation workflow and language switching capabilities.

Correctly configuring and deploying these capabilities can be technically complex, but Draig Technology, a Gold Certified Partner from Wales has specialised in this area and has an extensive range of multilingual support templates and components that simplify multilingual configuration. They've completed a number of projects, and showed me some screen shots from them. I couldn't reproduce them here, but I thought I could share the bi-lingual sheep from the WLB website Draig built.

Originally developed around specific bilingual requirements in Wales for switching between English and Welsh languages, it works equally well for multiple languages in a multilingual environment. It consists of:

  • User Interface Enhancements: Enabling the SharePoint user interface to be switched between LIPs, creation of new LIPs (e.g. Welsh, Irish, etc.) to extend the set currently offered by Microsoft and an extended switcher component to unify the switching of webparts, content, LIPs, data and other user facing language sensitive resources;
  • Enhanced Web Controls: Extending the capability of the standard SharePoint web controls to switch the user interface text, enable multilingual data entry (with displayed data switched along with the interface) and functional enhancements specific to each type of control. For instance document libraries are enhanced to manage and link multiple versions of each document – one in each language;
  • Translation and Publication Workflows: Building on the out-of-the-box translation workflow and extending it to content editing and configurable to reflect a range of publication rules such as simultaneous, deferred and optional publication for content for each language;
  • A range of other functional and configuration improvements from variations set up through to search scope that enables multiple languages to be supported effectively and efficiently.

Draig can provide a full implementation of SharePoint in bilingual and multilingual environments, provide multilingual design, support and consultancy or license their component suite to partners or SharePoint users to provide enhanced multilingual capabilities for new and existing implementations. They're running two events next month, where you can find out more

Cardiff - 13th May 2008, 9.30 -12:30 - Quality Hotel, Tongwynlais

Bangor - 15th May 2008, 9.30 - 12:30 - Centre for Advanced Software Technology (Technium CAST)

More information can be obtained by emailing Draig at or contact Richard Sheppard on 0870 2200512.

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