East Sussex – Harnessing Whole School Technology Conference

I went to the seaside today - or at least, I went near the sea. According to my satnav I was within a few hundred yards, but I stopped short of it when I arrived at the Kings Centre in Eastbourne, venue of the East Sussex local authority's "Harnessing Whole School Technology" conference. As somebody who lives near Banbury, Oxfordshire, a trip to the seaside seems exciting - for a start it's at almost 2 hours to the nearest stretch of coast, and now that it's summer (or at least Summer Time), it seemed fitting.

The conference, organised by Viv Reed and her team at the council, had a mix of external and local presenters - some of the schools sharing their stories of success, along with some of the ICT providers, and a few external keynotes. For me, it was a shakey start - the wireless router I was connected to didn't appear to be connected to anything else (!), and because of the projector setup, my laptop was at one end of the conference room, and I was at the other end (with my mouse!). But fortunately it all worked in the end. And because it was April Fool's Day, I thought I'd drop in some of the funny videos I have seen in the last year (and that makes it two conferences in a row when I haven't been able to use my UK version of the Shift Happens presentation - I'm starting to wean myself off my own video!)

Here's the main presentation
(If you're reading this in your RSS reader, you'll have to read the article in your web browser to see the presentation download)

The Microsoft Surface videos are all available at the Surface website (I'm not going to point you to the version I used - you'll have to hone your YouTube skills!)

And the astounding Microsoft WYSP Project video is available on the IT Showcase website.

And finally, the BSF Showcase (and lots of info on our BSF work) is on our main UK Education website (you can see the short showcase video via this link)

Hope you enjoyed your All Fools Day like me.

(Oh yes, and for the April Fool that wasn't - the Microsoft-branded USB Mug Warmers - I've still got some on my desk, so if you were in the audience, and you drop me an email, I'll send you one. While stocks last. Photo may not match product. Colour choice may be restricted. Warning - Hot Drinks may stay hot on this device.

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