Microsoft Math – fixing panics

It's a long time since I was in the Maths classroom, but that fear of simultaneous equations can still cause a sensation of panic whenever I think about them. And when I walk into a classroom and see a scientific graphic calculator, it nearly brings me out in a rash. (I have to admit that the Maths curriculum wasn't one of my high points).

Over time, things have come along to make life easier for non-maths-specialists (what did the generation before mine do without Excel?) - and Microsoft Maths is one such thing. In a nutshell, it's there to help advanced GCSE & A-Level students with their work, and can help to demystify some of the problem solving that students face. We include it in the software package called Microsoft Student (which I saw on the shelves of Staples recently), and schools can buy bulk licences from their normal software supplier.

But you wouldn't buy a bit of software without knowing what it does, would you? Here's some help

  • There's a new site where you can walk through a complete demonstration of the software, including its use as scientific calculator, graphing calculator, equation solver and triangle solver. All running in Silverlight here.

  • And even better, I've got a dozen free full-licence disks for Microsoft Math (as our trans-atlantic cousins call it) sitting on my desk for the first people to email me

Have a math-tastic Monday!

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