Is your ICT excellent?

Every year Becta run the ICT Excellence Awards, which aims to identify (and reward) schools throughout the UK who, in Becta's words are "approaching ICT in outstanding or innovative ways, benefiting their whole community both inside and outside the school building".

Becta align the awards with their own Becta Self-Review Framework and the ICT Mark. This year, in addition to recognising the school, they are also focusing on those individuals leading change within their school and making an impact across it. There are 8 national awards for primary and secondary. Additionally the 'Support for Schools' category will reward those organisations supporting schools in their use of ICT.

The deadline for entries is 30th April. You can find details on the Becta web site

There always seems to be a bit of a flaw with these competitions - they rely on schools and individuals putting themselves forward. Which means it tends to be "self-promoters' who enter, and often win. But I come across good schools all the time who are surprised that what they are doing is exceptional- or at least, not being done by other schools. So let me urge you to enter yourself. or your school. Especially if you've found other schools are interested in what you're doing

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  1. Adam Cooper says:

    Yes my ICT is excellent but one will never say one knows it all as doing so will prevent one from learning anything new 🙂

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