What will they think of next? NAACE 2008

Chris Poole and I were at the NAACE conference this afternoon, having been invited to talk about the future of technology - the title was "What will they think of next? Future technologies, opportunities and challenges". But rather than spend our time looking at all of the technologies that haven't yet been released into the wild, instead we looked at some new technologies that have made it through to the real world - and considered the implications for education, both now and in the future.

You can download the presentation, and the videos below



Play with Popfly yourself - www.popfly.com - to truly understand it, but for a quick overview, you can watch this video.


The student video from the Digital ethnography project at Kansas State University is on their web site. If you liked it, the other video they produced which I'd recommend is their Web 2.0 video "The Machine is Us/ing us".

For more information on our work on BSF, and to download the videos mentioned by Chris Poole, pop across to the BSF section on our main website (the videos are on the right)

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