Live Meeting: A better way to support and manage your network

At 3.30pm on Thursday 6th March, our latest Live Meeting will be demonstrating how System Center can make your school's IT support management a more cost-effective and efficient process without compromising your infrastructure's reliability.

Traditionally, supporting end users has been time consuming and expensive, so with the use of ICT on the increase and the number of PCs in use both in school and out on the rise, developing an agile infrastructure with systems that can manage themselves while meeting your end users' demands has got to be a priority.

With System Center, the mundane support jobs such as patch management, reporting and deployment can be centrally managed and automated, meaning your IT staff can spend more time on the jobs that add value. This session will show you how to manage both your desktop and virtual machines, and how Windows Server Updates Services can fully manage updates to all the computers on your network, freeing your IT staff to spend more time helping and supporting your teachers.

Steven Audis, Education Technology Adviser, will be presenting once again so register now and then all you need to do at 3.30pm on Thursday 6th March is logon to view and listen to the meeting online.

If you'd like to see any of our previous Live Meetings or see what's coming up over the next few weeks, you can find this info on our Live Meetings page.

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