Learning2Go in Wolverhampton


Dave Whyley, in the Wolverhampton E Services team, is well-known in the education community for his passion for projects with mobile learning. The Learning2Go team have been active in Wolverhampton since 2003, and each year they've produced an annual report on the progress. This year's report contains a number of case studies in which teachers, parents and pupils reflect on what it means for them. Dave is always keen to impress that the project is not about experimentation with a particular mobile device, but instead is all about a new approach to learning in the 21st Century. After 5 years, the project team is looking forward to moving out of 'project' status, to become a fully-fledged, and fully-embedded part of Wolverhampton's BSF project.

You can download the current, and previous reports from the Learning2Go website

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