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I had a down trip to Wales today (from rural Oxfordshire), visiting the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), part of the University of Glamorgan. I was invited to talk with the Blended Learning course, on the subject of "Transformed Education", and later to talk to an audience from local schools.

At this point, you might wonder why I might be doing this. After all, what right have I (we) got to tell others what Transformed Education looks like?  But the theme of 'transformed education' isn't about me telling others the way it is going to be, but instead it's a story about how the world of learning is being changed by new technologies, new student skills and attitudes, and new approaches to institutional structure, and what the implications of all of these things could be.

If you want to see what I covered with the schools, the presentation files are all available below.

Presentation Download File Notes
Shift Happens
- the UK version
More info available here
Transformed Education
- CELT Schools
- the movie
Try it yourself on the Popfly website
BSF Showcase
- the trailer
More info, and longer videos available here
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