Shift Happens and Freezing Frogs

One of the most popular pages on this blog is the Shift Happens presentation, which I tailored for a UK audience. The original US version has been viewed on over 3 million times on YouTube now, and I am regularly coming across people who have seen my UK version at conferences and meetings.

You can download a video of the presentation, or a PowerPoint version, from this blog

When I'm working, I'm constantly reminded of some of the references it makes to a changing world. This morning's reminder was actually from my children. And the slide it reminded me of is the one where it says "There are 2.7 billion searches performed on Google each month", and then asks "To whom were these questions asked before Google?".

I'm working at home today, and it's half-term. Normally the two are compatible - I settle down in the study, close the door, and can carry on uninterrupted. But this morning was different. About half an hour ago, my children were battering down the door to tell me about the frogs. Frozen solid in our garden water feature. Encased in a 2-foot-square block of ice. And they were worried that these six frogs were dead. (When you see a frog soup in the middle of the country's largest ice cube, you kind of get that sinking feeling). But a quick search on the Internet (Live Search of course) revealed that frogs can freeze solid, and then when they defrost, they carry on life as normal. And so a few buckets of warm water later, we've got six happy defrosted frogs hopping around the garden.

How would I have known that before Internet search engines?

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