Byron Review Children’s Competition

I know it's half-term. And that means that one of the great things about it is that the corridors are quiet, and you get a chance to hear yourself thinking.

But not everybody wants you forgetting your students....

As part of the Byron Review of Children and New Technology, the DCSF have launched a competition for children, to give them the chance to tell others about staying safe and having fun when using the Internet and playing video games. The announcement dropped into my inbox on Friday, and the deadline for the competition is Sunday 3rd March! The competition is for children to tell others how to be 'Netsmart' or 'Gamesmart', or to get out their art kit and design a cover for the report due out at the end of March.

The prize for the winning children is to have their entry included in the report, and to come down to London to the launch.

More info on the competition is on the Byron Review home page, along with a downloadable flyer for the noticeboard (next Monday, when the corridors are again full of newly-energised students).

Hmm, thinking about this, those schools who haven't yet moved to the Standard School Year may already be back - the odds are stacked in their favour!

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