Live Meeting: Virtual Teaching – extending learning across institutional boundaries

Learning Platforms and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) are hot topics now, and deservedly so - in many cases they are transforming education and helping make both teaching and learning a more engaging and interactive process.

Most students today have access to a range of technologies and mobile and portable devices. Over 3/4 use the Internet daily, and half have their own PC or laptop. That raises an opportunity to support students to access the information they need when not in school. Effective use of mobile technology and remote access can provide teachers and students with access to resources, curriculum materials, timetables, homework assignments and much more, wherever they may be, whenever they want it.

And the DCSF has announced a target that by September 2010, secondary schools should provide online, real time access to much of this information for parents..

So, if you want to know how your school can use your ICT systems to extend teaching and learning beyond the classroom, this week's Live Meeting will show you how some of Microsoft's technologies, such as Windows Mobile and SharePoint 2007, can help you do just that.

Register now and then all you need to do at 3.30pm on Thursday 14th February is logon to view and listen to the meeting online. Steven Audis, Education Technology Adviser, Microsoft UK, will be presenting and if you're interested to learn how other school's are transforming their teaching and learning, you can read our customer case studies to find out more

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