Live Meeting – Heavy Workload? Try collaborating for success

Collaborative working is seen to be the way forward to help us all work better and more efficiently and ensure that everyone has easy access to the resources they need, wherever they may be.


In schools, that is often more tricky, as individuals are often not available at the same time - some will be teaching, whilst others will be free, and there's bound to be somebody away on a training course. And the diary is already full of meetings that start after 3:30pm, so what are the ways available to collaborate more effectively? With that in mind, this week's Live Meeting focuses on the Microsoft solutions that can help you collaborate and communicate with your colleagues and students more effectively. This session will teach you how to easily share and find information in one centralised location, making it easier to work more efficiently so saving you both time and money.


The Live Meeting, which you can attend online, is on Thursday 24th January, from 3:30-4:15pm and will once again be presented by Steven Audis, Education Technology Adviser in the Microsoft UK Education Team.

You can register here for this meeting, and also find out about future meeting subjects and dates. If you’d like to see any of our previous Live Meetings, which have covered topics such as Learning Platforms, Virtual Learning Environments and Windows Vista for Education, you can view them here.

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