Where is BSF going?

Last year LocalGovTV recorded an interview with Tim Byles, Chief Executive of Partnerships for Schools, to discuss progress of the BSF programme in delivering the Government's £45bn investment in secondary education. In the interview her reviewed the various facets and components of BSF, the experiences of local authorities and schools in the first phase of the programme and how BSF is being developed to ensure timely rollout of 3,500 school upgrades and that improved educational outcomes are achieved.

You can see that video on the LovalGovTV website. You will need to register to watch the video

He also mentioned the work that Microsoft has done with the BSF Showcase, and so LocalGovTV then pointed their cameras at my colleague Chris Poole, who is in charge of our BSF work. Chris spends a lot of time with a few key local authorities around England who are trying to extend the boundaries of what BSF can deliver - either through radical reform of their school structures, or extending the programme beyond education and into community renewal, or other ways of enhancing the impact. In the following interview, Chris talks about how we are involved.

Video: Chris Poole on Microsoft's BSF Work

If you want more information about the BSF programme, our partners, or if you'd like to see some of the resources we've created (I'd especially recommend taking a look at the BSF Showcase videos), then click over to our main Microsoft UK Education website for more.

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