Learning Gateway in action in Cheshire

I came across an interesting case study on the Teksys website (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, and a supplier of the Microsoft Learning Gateway for schools & colleges).

It features Sir Thomas Boteler school, and talks about their use of the latest version of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (phew, that's a mouthful - perhaps why Teksys refer to it as MOSS all the way through the case study!). Their project is designed to support personalised learning in the school and across the community, through the creation of the Latchford Community Gateway. This allows them to emphasise communication between pupils, staff, governors and the local community.

Four departments (English, History, ICT and Mathematics) took the role of pilot developers in the first stage of content creation. Two of the key aspects in the development of content were to support

  • Anytime learning; content available 24/7 to any pupil with an internet connection.
  • Personalised learning; course specific content that allows every pupil a unique and fulfilling learning experience.

Colin Murray, Head of Mathematics, who has been involved in the process of transforming the foundation and higher tiers of the GCSE syllabus into an e-learning resource, talks about some of the benefits

“Answers are embedded in each resource, so when homework is submitted, the piece is marked instantly, and the homework mark is available immediately to the pupil”

Simon Taylor-Jones, the school's Network Manager, commented

“The potential to use the VLE as a communication resource between pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local community is astounding, and something that the school is very eager to capitalise on as much as possible. In conclusion, implementation of MOSS 2007 has given Sir Thomas Boteler the platform to base the majority of its teaching and administrative tasks for years to come, whilst providing a quality, personalised, anytime learning experience for every one of its pupils.”

You can read the whole case study in PDF format on the Teksys website

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