The Twelfth Day of Christmas

Congratulations, you made it through to Christmas. But it's Christmas Eve. Shouldn't you be putting your feet up? Relaxing? Getting ready for tomorrow's festivities?

Well, I know that in many schools, Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays mean "IT project time". ICT has become so critical to the success of the school, that you're not allowed to switch things off for a bit of maintenance, upgrading and TLC when people are relying on the network for learning, administration, exam entries, exam results, pupil census returns, VLE logins, email etc etc etc. It's great that IT's now "Mission Critical" to the school, and that there are SLA's in place to ensure 24/7/365 access. But it also creates a real challenge for network managers and senior leaders - when is the time to plan the big network upgrade? When do we switch over servers?

So even though it is Christmas Eve, and most of the staff have gone home, I know there will be some working on school ICT systems today. (And I actually know some of your names, because as I've met you over December you've told me of your plans for your networks this Christmas).

My last gift of Christmas is therefore for you. Those working in schools on Christmas Eve.

For the first 3 emails I get on Christmas Eve (using the link below, from your school email address!), I'll send you one of three copies of Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate that I've got sitting on my desk now.

Just click this link to email me

Happy Christmas everybody.

See you next year at BETT!

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  1. Typhoon87 says:

    Thats just great I dont start working at the college untill January 2nd after I finish my stint at AT&T wireless on Friday.

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