Photo Story 3 – The 11th Day of Christmas

I was reviewing some of my colleagues notes from the World Innovative Teachers Forum in Helsinki, an event that we host annually for teachers and government attendees from all around the world, and saw a note that many teachers there were using Photo Story in their lessons, and were surprised that Microsoft didn't do more to tell teachers about it. And Photo Story is free.


What it does is allow you to co-ordinate images and music, and turn it into an impressive slideshow, with special effects, narration, titles, captions, and then publish them for viewing on a computer or TV.

My description simply can't do it justice, so here's an example Photo Story output.

Go to the web site for information and the free download.

You may want this for your home computer, but don't forget to put it into the hands of an Art teacher, or PE teacher, or the person co-ordinating the new school trip or extra-curricular activity.

Comments (1)

  1. Amelia says:

    My class and I (trainne teachers) have been taught how to download and use Photostory3 in an ICT. It was very useful and I will use it in the classroom.

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