Windows Live SkyDrive – Second day of Christmas

Continuing my run of 12 Days of Christmas, here's my gift for today. 1GB of free online storage

SkyDriveThis year, USB memory sticks have been a recurring theme - I've given them away at events, I've distributed files on them, and in talking with students, it seems that it's become the standard way to transfer information around universities. But what happens when the memory stick you're using disappears. Well, it happened to me in August, when I lost a key presentation (doh!), and so since then I've been making more use of Windows Live SkyDrive. It's a free service which gives you 1GB of data storage on the web, and it is a doddle to upload and download files (you just drag your files from your Windows Explorer straight onto the SkyDrive window). I'm converted. Now whenever I want to share a presentation, I load it to my SkyDrive and anybody who wants it can take a copy away.

More about SkyDrive on this blog post , or simply register for your own immediately.

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