e-Safety in schools – some help for you

Becta have recommended that each school has a nominated E-Safety officer - which could mean that in staff rooms around the country, people suddenly make themselves busy when the head walks in with a letter in his hand! So, if you've got the job, or one of your colleagues has it and is looking for some help, then here's some good news.

We've been working with partners to create a set of valuable resources for e-safety in schools. Called "Know IT All for Teachers", it's a resource pack that provides practical help for trainee teachers, existing teachers and support staff, and offers suggestions and materials on how the subject of e-safety can be embedded in the curriculum both within schools and initial teacher training.

The resources have been developed by Childnet with the support of the TDA, Becta and Microsoft. The key “Know IT All” training resources used for the materials are Childnet’s “Jenny’s Story” and Microsoft’s “Rome Group” which was created by Microsoft as part of their “Getting to Know IT All” child safety campaign.

E-safety relates to many parts of the curriculum and the Know It All websites contain links to a range of comprehensive learning resources, information and advice to keep trainee teachers and teachers up to date with child e-safety issues and to provide guidance on managing issues which may arise in the school environment. 

The materials cover issues such as online grooming, cyber-bullying to the viewing of inappropriate content and plagiarism.

Know IT All for Teachers includes : A free DVD designed for self study in e-safety, including a short impactful film followed by e-safety questions for teachers to consider, and a website which clearly explains the technology, and provides links to further resources on a range of issues.

The free teacher’s DVD will be available to order from the website - you'll have to come back on the 10th to get the URL and details of the Know IT All website...

The “Know IT All” for Trainees and Teachers initiative reflects the growing supporting role teachers play, alongside parents, in teaching children about e-safety.   An in-depth research report of 400 trainee teachers also revealed a need for child e-safety training.

Attend the Know IT All launch

The resources are being launched on the afternoon of Monday 10th December in London, and there are still some places available if you'd like to attend. To register for your place, drop Shamina Begum at the TDA an email (shamina.begum@tda.gov.uk). The launch kicks off with a (free!) lunch at 12:30, at the Isaac Newton Centre for Continuing Professional Development, 108a Lancaster Road, London, W11 1QS.

I've seen the Childnet "Jenny's Story" first hand, with a group of parents at my local school, and know the impact it had for us as parents, and can imagine how powerful it is as a resource for driving a discussion, so if you can make it, I'd definitely recommend the launch, or ordering the DVD on launch, to help you to support your pupils.

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