Chamberlayne Park School – Creating a Resource Bank in SharePoint

SharePoint is used in many different ways. Take a look at the example below from Chamberlayne Park School in Southampton:

Dave Woolcock from Chamberlayne Park School is in the process of setting up each subject on their resource bank so teachers can upload and view files as they can for ICT. So far Dave has set up Science, English, PE, and Geography with some resources already uploaded. The resource bank has been demonstrated to middle leaders and departmental inset training is taking place with staff on how to use it.

Chamberlayne Park has also used the repository to send across an independent learning task for year 9, and letters have been sent home to all year 9 parents explaining how their children can access the portal to complete the work.

Ross's career form has also been put into the student area and all year 11 pupils have been instructed to fill it out. The intention is to create other forms soon such as applications to join the school and teacher detail forms.

Here are some screenshots of a form in use. Click on them to see a larger version:

Career Form 1 (2)

Career Form 2 (2)

Career Form 3 (2)

Career Form 4 (2)

A separate site has also been created that allows students to assign learning resources to themselves:

self_assignment (2)

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