How far have we come with BSF?

In September, the first of the all-new BSF schools were opened, and the media were full of stories of the shiny new buildings. Now it's time for a bit of reflection, and this programme below provides a chance to catch up with the view from the top...

LocalGovTV have made available an interview with Tim Byles, Chief Executive of Partnerships for Schools, who discusses progress of the BSF programme in delivering the Government's £45bn investment in secondary education. He reviews the various facets and components of BSF, the experiences of local authorities and schools in the first phase of the programme and how BSF is being developed to ensure timely rollout of 3500 school upgrades and that improved educational outcomes are achieved. He also mentions the work that Microsoft has done with the BSF Showcase.

The interview is broadcast on LocalGovTV, and if you've not registered before, you'll have to register to watch the programme.

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