Windows Vista – after hours technology events

Our Windows Vista team have just let me know about these events coming up this month and next. If you're a technology enthusiast, these events are designed to help you get an understanding of Windows Vista. It is not designed specifically for education, but I think it will make a great opportunity to see it in action, and listen to and talk with some of the key Microsoft people involved with our operating systems in the UK

We ran two of these back in May and the response from attendees was incredible (you can view one example here). These events are for technology enthusiasts - you'll be buzzing afterwards! The event covers what's in Windows Vista out of the box and how you can extend it, encompassing: Windows Vista (search, photography, movie maker, DVD maker, back-up and restore, network and sharing centre and more), Windows SideShow, digital picture frames, Home Server, Xbox 360, Media Centre, Windows Live Gaming and Virtual Earth.

20 September, Manchester

25 September, Newcastle

27 September, Falkirk, Scotland

3 October, London (Sorry, full)

Comments (2)

  1. Bob Harding says:

    The event looks great.  

    I’ve just found the blog and checked the only one in the ‘south’ (ie London) and it’s full already.  If the demand is high and you set about planning another can I put in a plea for the South West (possibly Bristol?)

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Bob,

    I’m sorry. Even though we had more venue space in London, we simply filled up too quickly. I’ll pass on your feedback to the organising team, along with a request for them to consider running some more.

    Would anybody else be interested in a further event in the South?

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