Online file storage – Windows Live SkyDrive

500MB of free online storage that can be private, shared or public.

This has been coming for a little while, and then when it arrived, it was initially only for users in the US. But now, it has been activated for customers in the UK. And this has some really useful applications in education. SkyDrive gives users 500MB of free online file storage - password protected by their Windows Live ID. And they can be stored in private, shared or public folders - allowing you to decide who has access to each folder.

What could you do with it? Well, things like...

  • Backup up important files, using personal folders.
  • Access files from any PC with Internet access - making it easy to move files between home and school - for you or your students.
  • Work on a project with colleagues or amongst students, using shared folders.
  • Publish files, so that students can read them, but control their access so that they cannot add files or delete them - useful for homework assignments?

Some of the features added to this Beta version are:

  • An upgraded look and feel – new graphics to go along with your new features!
  • “Also on SkyDrive” – easily get back to the SkyDrives you’ve recently visited
  • You can see thumbnails of your image files
  • Drag and drop your files right onto your SkyDrive, using the handy applet
  • Embed your stuff anywhere – with just a few clicks, post your files and folders anywhere you can post html

Sign up for your personal SkyDrive here

Comments (3)

  1. Jon Nowicki says:

    Great if you need to store 500mb of data. It would make sense for schools to get there students to have there own SkyDrive. It would save on school storage.

    Students can also share with others.

    Is this community Learning Gateway ?

  2. m.pollitt says:

    It would save on storage costs but would there be any bandwith issues if hundreds of our pupils tried to access their files at once?

    How would schools police what is in these folders? Our network management software would not work with a Skydrive.

    I do like the idea of being able to get rid of memory sticks. How easy is it to download the files onto a PC or storage device to allow offline working?

  3. Ray Fleming says:

    Quick answers:

    Bandwidth Issues: It is going to depend on your broadband connection speed, rather than at the server end (because a few hundred pupils at one time would be drop in the ocean of the total user base)

    Policing the folders: I think that this is a philosophical question, that relates to a chosen approach to "control". How is it different to policing memory sticks?

    Downloading: Easy answer – try it and see!

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