Microsoft Education Content and Publishing Futures Conference – September 2007

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  • Currently 3000 new books are published every day ... half of a three year degree is obsolete before the course is completed
  • 40 exabytes of new information will be created this year ... more than the previous 5000 years
  • Technical information is doubling year on year ... and predicted to be doubling every 72 hours by 2010

As a nation, we’re on a journey to realise the vision of personalised learning for every pupil where each child has all the resources they need, where ever they chose to access them.  The conference is an opportunity for commercial content publishers to join us to explore the future of academic content publishing, as education embraces personalised learning, virtualisation and mobile computing.

Thursday 27th of September in Central London.

· What’s changing in educational content publishing and why?

· How will this change your business model?

· What hope does technology hold for a brave new future?

· Leading edge case study

If you're a commercial content publisher, then to register click here or call 0870 166 6680, Ref: 8200

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  1. m.pollitt says:

    Education content could well be the next development area education due to the current investment being made in online VLE’s and e-portfolios.

    We now need more content to go into our VLE so that teachers have another reasons to use it and this improves the teaching and learning in the school.  Does Microsoft have any content partners they could recommend?

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