Summer Movies II – Learning Gateway at Shireland Language College

One of the highest profile users of the Microsoft Learning Gateway is Shireland Language College, where they use it to boost learning in their school, as well as providing a Learning Gateway service to 70 other schools in the area. The result is a Learning Gateway that connects with pupils and parents, inside and outside of the school, gets 1,000,000 hits per month and 15,000 a month to the Family Portal. It was described last year by Tony Blair as "one of the most remarkable ICT systems in the country".

We know lots of schools visit Shireland, but not everybody gets the chance, so we've made a video of the work that they are doing.

Although the solution they chose is based on ICT, the issues they were facing were about education - personalising learning, raising achievement, increasing home-school engagement. On the video Sir Mark Grundy, the head teacher, talks about how it has helped to raised standards in their school and their partner schools.

Watch the video online, or download a zipped copy in lower or higher resolution.

Comments (2)

  1. m.pollitt says:

    The use of SharePoint for collaboration is key to the benefits it can deliver and if we can get schools collaborating together then it will enhance teaching and learning on a wider scale.

    What packaged solution did schools buy when investing in the Shirelands solution?

  2. Jon Nowicki says:

    Shireland Learning procides a Microsoft hosted solution for over 100 schools.

    Everything is accessed through the Internet.

    Shireland creates content and encourages schools to develop content.

    Shirelands training is both functional and pedagogic.

    We work with schools to help them develop the use of their part of the Portal.

    In many ways this is change management and school improvement.

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