Long Eaton – delivering a new model of learning

I've written about Long Eaton School, in Derbyshire, before, and listening to Alan Richards today, it was interesting to hear of their plans for September. Year 7 will be moving to a curriculum where 50% of their learning will be delivered online using their Microsoft Learning Gateway - a target which the school recognises as "taxing". The reason for setting an adventurous target is that in order to make step changes they believe you need to push the boundaries hard and mandate change on users! Pupils will have other big changes too. Year 7 students will no longer have their own My Documents on an "H:" dive, or shared folders on their "G:" drive, and will instead use their Sharepoint My Sites to store all of their files, and to collaborate. Just one of the benefits is that students will have access to all of their files from home as well as in-school.

The plan is also to get parents more engaged with the school, by opening up Learning Gateway access for all parents of Year 7 students, so that they can look at live attendance, assignment and attainment information.

Read the Long Eaton case study online

If you'd like to find out more, then drop an email to Alan Richards at the school (the contact details are published on their website). Alan is always happy to share his school's story, and what they've learnt, with other schools.

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