Know IT All – keeping students safe on the Internet

My two children, 7 & 11, are leading lives which are increasingly online, and I am aware that their use of the Internet brings them a great opportunity to access information to help their learning, as well as opening them up to contact with friends, and potentially other people that they have not met before. Rather than adding unreasonable controls on their use of the Internet, I want to ensure that they have the information that they need to use the Internet safely - giving them some easy to understand rules about what they are allowed to do, and what will help them to be safe online.

image The website that I rely on is Know IT All. This is a website, or a CD set, created by ChildNet International with support from other organisations (including the DfES DCSF). During this summer around 1 million copies of the CD will be distributed to parents through PC suppliers like PC World. There are sections for parents, teachers and students. This resource may be useful when planning for your new intakes in September, or a link to send home in your last newsletter of the year, before your students go home for the summer break. Given this summer's weather so far, there's a good chance they might be spending their summer on Instant Messenger and the web!

Everything you need to know, and all of the multimedia resources and videos, are available on the website at

(If you want bulk copies of the CD, you can order them to distribute to all of your pupils. Details on the website)

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