Free Curriculum Materials for teachers and senior managers

My colleague, Pippa, has just released a big bundle of free materials onto the website. It includes a range of professional development resources, as well as curriculum and learning materials designed for teachers to assist in developing their ICT skills and in using ICT in the delivery of their lessons.

  • Effective ICT Pedagogies
    A one day training course for teachers which may be delivered in an INSET day or used as self-paced learning by any leading teacher. The materials include an outline for the training with guides for time spent on varying activities, broken down into three distinct sessions of learning. The course aims to support people in taking the first steps in applying their own ICT skills to their teaching enabling them to create highly personalised activities suitable for their learners.  And this is also a resource for teachers who themselves are confident and inspirational practitioners faced with the challenge of coaching and supporting those around them and doing the same.
  • Microsoft's Digital Literacy Curriculum blends eLearning and assessment to provide basic computer skills for students, school staff or community members new to computing. The curriculum teaches how ICT impacts daily life as well as important concepts and skills including how to use desktop applications, communicate via e-mail, browse the World Wide Web, and use a computer responsibly.
  • And for senior managers, Michael Fullan has developed materials on Leading Change for distribution through Microsoft's Partners in Learning programme. The materials include a development module entitled 'Learning to Lead Change' as well as two publications on Change Knowledge and a Case Study which illustrates education change projects from around the world. The course materials are aimed at school leaders or key change agents. They may be delivered as part of leadership training over a two day period or used as self-directed learning.

It's all on the website

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