SIMS Annual Conference 2007 – Presentations

On Tuesday 19th June, I was invited to present the keynote to the SIMS Annual Conference, with the title of "Transformed Learning and Pathways for Change". Well, it was a bit of a rush to cover such a BIG subject in 40 minutes, but I obviously managed some of the brief, because a number of people caught me immediately afterwards to ask for copies of the slides. Basically my message was about four aspects of transformation - technology, the lifestyle of students, new attitudes to schools and the way that information flow needs to be more connected and visible.

So, for those people and others, here's the links to the slides and other resources that I used:

Transformed Learning PowerPoint presentation (Right Click and "Save File As...")

Web 2.0 Video (follow the "Our Videos" link on the website)

Shift Happens (instructions & details on the webpage)

Microsoft Surface - unfortunately the video I used isn't available publically, but there are other video resources on the Surface website

And finally a short video trailer for the BSF Showcase (Right Click and "Save File As...")


Comments (3)

  1. Jennie says:

    The highlight of the conference!

  2. Nicola Tyson says:

    Thanks Ray – this was brilliant and have used it again with my staff

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