Shift Happens/Did You Know?

Over the last few months, a PowerPoint presentation has been doing the rounds, which has a strong message for educational audiences. It works as an opener for conferences or events where the future of education and learning is under discussion, or where you want to provoke a discussion about learning.

  • Karl Fisch, of Arapahoe High School in the US, conceived and created the first version of this presentation for a staff development day. And published it on the web via his website. He released it and gave permission for others to modify it under a Creative Commons licence.
  • Scott McLeod modified it, to make it more relevant to an audience in a wider context. And published it on the web with a Creative Commons licence
  • After conversations with Karl & Scott, I modified Scott's version to include UK-relevant content (it was quite US-centric)
  • And then Jeff Brenman, of Apollo Ideas, applied the creative design to Scott's version. And published it on the web via SlideShare where, incidentally, it won the competition for the "World's Best Slideshow"
  • And finally, with Jeff's permission, I modified his with the UK context. And published it on the web 

(This Shift Happens download has become one of the most popular resources for people searching for the Shift Happens presentation, and especiall the Shift Happens UK Version)

There are two versions available here:

  • For an easy to use version, then download the movie which includes the soundtrack - then you can embed it into your PowerPoint presentations or play it directly in Windows Media Player etc

  • Alternatively, you can download the PowerPoint presentation, which can be modified as you wish.

Right Click and "Save Target As..." to download either file

If you modify this version, and following the norm of the Creative Commons Licence, we’d all ask that you share it on the web too, so that others can benefit.

Update: Since the original version created by Karl Fisch, it is likely that over 2,000,000 people have seen variations of his presentation, including this one. Karl has posted a very detailed reflection on the content on his blog, which analyses the sources and his original intentions for publishing. Some of the sections/slides he refers to aren't in this UK version, but there is very interesting comment from him worth reading if you are interested in looking into the presentation more deeply.

Comments (19)

  1. On Tuesday 19th June, I was invited to present the keynote to the SIMS Annual Conference, with the title

  2. Carole Burd says:

    Loved it! And have ideas on using this for our staff development activities. Thanks for this we needed an overview that packs a powerful message offering realistic and inspirational content.

  3. My colleague Ray Fleming has posted about the Shift Happens powerpoint presentation which has been creating

  4. On Friday29th June, I was invited to present to the Simon Dutton Associates/Paritor conference. Although

  5. I had a great time at the Dysg e-learning conference today, sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government.

  6. I had a great time at the Dysg e-learning conference today, sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government.

  7. Dave Parry says:

    Excellent work – I have been using the original in training events for a few weeks and working on a more ‘English’ version – when I have got a completed version I will post it. Thanks for the step up.

  8. Scott McLeod says:

    Ray, this version is great. Thanks for sharing!

    Karl and I think it’s actually now closer to 5 or 6 million online viewers by the time you count up all the various versions and hosts. And who knows how many people have seen it at conferences, workshops, etc.

    For those who are interested, there’s a new (non-U.K.) version of the presentation. Karl and I are calling it Did You Know? 2.0 and it got a graphic boost (and new music) from XPLANE:

    My favorite part of the new version is the set of questions at the end. Thanks for helping spread the word about schools’ need to transition into the 21st century!

  9. Earlier in the year, a small group from the DfES (as it was then) visited a number of high-tech companies

  10. Earlier in the year, a small group from the DfES (as it was then) visited a number of high-tech companies

  11. Joe Turner says:

    Really interesting!

  12. Around 70 education partners from the UK came to today’s strategic Education Partner Briefing, which

  13. Andre Mostert says:

    The clip is very interesting but what strikes me is the degree to which when people watch it, it has immediate impact but does not change behaviour, like the environmental issues it will only result in change when it starts to hurt people economically………….

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