How do I do that? …. Buying software as a student (for less)

If you're a student, and you want a copy of Office 2007 for your home PC or laptop, what are the chances of paying a lot less than anybody else for it? Well, they are pretty good, if you know how...

One way is to buy the "Home and Student" version in a shop, which contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote ...But better than that...


One company is about to launch a new scheme for school students where they can buy software for up to 80% less than the normal retail price. It's a partnership between Naace and one of our partners, Software4Students.

The idea is that students go to where they can buy a whole host of MS software for a lot less than normal retail software (for instance Office Pro Plus 2007 comes down from £365.85 to just £68.90!) They verify what school they attend, and if these schools are Naace members the school also becomes eligible for a rebate off their licensing costs. It doesn't just stop at Office Professional either, they also supply other versions of Office, like Enterprise - which includes OneNote and Groove - other Microsoft applications, and even Windows Vista.

It's helping to address issues like the digital divide and home access, not to mention ensuring that students are equipped to get the best learning experience possible.

The rebate probably won't be a big deal for some of the small primary schools, but I think the real value in this scheme arises from how it brings low cost, high quality software to students with absolutely no administrative hassle for the school. This is all made possible by the special Academic pricing available to educational users if they belong to a licensed education establishment - and because NAACE have signed a master agreement on behalf of all of it's members covering schools and local authorities.

The program is just about to go live so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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