2nd Annual Microsoft Building Schools for the Future Conference 2007

‘What does Transformed Learning look like?’

Thank you to everybody attending the BSF Conference, at the British Library on 15th June. We have now uploaded the presentations from the conference, so that you can use them in your own work. Just RIGHT CLICK on the links below, and SAVE the presentations to your own computer.


  • Shift Happens (25MB) (the presentation used at the opening) is the product of a number of authors.

    • Karl Fisch, of Arapahoe High School in the US, conceived and created the first version of this presentation for a staff development day. And published it on the web via his websit at http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/. He released it and gave permission for others to modify it under a Creative Commons licence.
    • Scott McLeod modified it, to make it more relevant to an audience in a wider context. And published it on the web via http://scottmcleod.typepad.com/dangerouslyirrelevant/2007/01/gone_fischin.html (Also with a Creative Commons licence)
    • After conversations with Karl & Scott, I modified Scott's version to include UK-relevant content (it was quite US-centric)
    • And then Jeff Brenman, of Apollo Ideas, applied the creative design to Scott's version. And published it on the web via SlideShare (Incidentally, it won the competition for the "World's Best Slideshow")

    • And finally, with Jeff's permission, I modified his with the UK context. And published it on the web  If you modify this version, and following the norm of the Creative Commons Licence, we’d all ask that you share it on the web too, so that others can benefit.

    • The best way to show it is with a sound track (lasting 6 mins, 3 seconds).
      If you'd like to know where I got my audio track that we used on the day, please drop me an email (ray.fleming@microsoft.com

  • Unfortunately, John Davitt's presentation isn't available - as I'm sure you'll realise, John's inimitable style means that it wasn't really useful in the usual PowerPoint format!

  • Dave McCallam (8MB), of Balfour Beatty, and Tony Langan of Aedas, shared their insight gathered from working closely with local authorities.

  • Mike Rumble (2.3MB), of the QCA, provided an insight into the future direction of the curriculum, and the work that is happening now that will impact learning delivery under BSF.

  • Melanie Dudley (233KB), Director of Transformation in Sandwell, looked at how BSF will be a transformational force for change across the whole local authority, not just education.

  • Damian Allen (4.3MB), Executive Director of Children’s Services in Knowsley, examined the lessons that they have learnt from their engagement in the first Wave of BSF authorities, and shared their view of the systemic change required to transform learning.
  • Chris Poole (12MB) of Microsoft talked about Microsoft's work on BSF models, and the Pathways for Change.

  • Steve Moss (161KB) of Partnership for Schools, provided advice about the ICT element of BSF projects.

  • Steve Beswick (6MB) of Microsoft concluded with a summary of Microsoft's contributions to BSF.

All of these presentations are being stored on my personal website, so don't be surprised when they download from a different website.

Comments (6)

  1. We’ve just had confirmation that the Partnerships for Schools presenter is Steve Moss, who will be presenting

  2. Nalin Uduwawala says:


    I hope MS remembers to post the very good presentation "Shift Happens" soon …. Like today. I want to show it my kids and then to some of the teachers in the school I work.



  3. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi All,

    I will be posting the presentation here, as soon as I can upload it onto a datastore. That’s a little tricky for me to do over the weekend, but I hope to find a way.


  4. Guy Shearer says:

    Really looking forward to getting a copy!  Should I check back to this page later?

  5. Ray Fleming says:

    Hopefully everything is now here for you. The only thing that I can’t provide (for copyright reasons) is the music we used on Friday morning, however I have given my email address if you’d like more details on it.

  6. AnneH says:

    Hi – really enjoyed the Conference on Friday.  Wondered if there was any chance of getting hold of the animation that David McCallam and Tony Langan showed of the school day from the pesspective of the young person. – Thanks – AnneH

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