Official: Stoke College was the first school in Europe to deploy Office 2007 for staff and students

Hey, it says it in the case study. And what's more, the school Head Teacher, John Gibson says: “The Office 2007 system will revolutionise teaching. It’s as simple as that."

David Moss, the ICT Co-ordinator at the school, goes on to say “I’ve been involved with beta testing computer software since the early 1990s, and try to keep the school at the forefront of technology. I don’t like change for change’s sake, but I do like change that is productive. And I believe the 2007 Office System offers the ease of use that makes it a wonderful tool for schools.”

ps There are two views on the Office 2007 System - the view from people in education, like John & David above, and the views of the Government's agency for ICT in Education, Becta. They seem to think that there are no new things in it for education. Perhaps they should talk to some of the teachers I meet!

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