Bridget Jones & the NAV Sales Workshop

Dear Diary,

Exhausted – these sales guys in the partners want everything – and I feel like I gave it to them!  Just got home after running an NAV sales workshop at TVP.  We covered everything, from strategic positioning for NAV to how the stack delivers benefit to clients.  Great to hear people say how much they have got out of the course – everyone said that it will help them in their salesjobs.   But exhausted none the less! 

Here are some of the comments….

“The great thing about the day was the content was all about positioning not feature/function. “

“I found the course very informative – the principles will transfer to my job role directly”

“Very Informative & Motivating.  Excellent Instructor.  Thank You”

Still, can’t sit here all night blogging when there is a glass of Shiraz with my name on it.

Will write again soon, promise.  Mind you, please don’t tell everyone about how good the NAV Sales Workshop is – the next one is on February 1st in Manchester and I hear that it is filling up already – must be lots of NAV Sales guys wanting to get an edge over the other partners – mind you, don’t blame them – competition is hot and as we head towards Microsoft’s year end the smart guys are going to want to be best prepared!  Pity the ones who miss out!

Ed Paice


BTW, Ed Paice is Managing Partner of Harness IT, which forms (with Firebrand) the Partner Development Centre for Microsoft Dynamics in the UK.  Ed and his team not only run the Sales Excellence courses but also provide partners with pre-sales and application consultants when they need that extra edge.  Ed can be contacted on 0797 172 9644 or

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