DCO Demo Mate Click-Thru on the Blog!

Isn’t modern technology amazing?

As part of a side project we are looking at how to publish Demo Mate files to the RTC using ‘Client Extensibility’ in SP1. Along the way we worked out that we can use the new SilverLight streaming service from Windows Live (http://silverlight.live.com/) to load up demo mate files to our NAV blog.

Partly as a proof of concept and partly to test the waters here is the world famous, award winning DCO demo of NAV & SharePoint working together to provide ‘Extended ERP’.

Run the Silverlight video and take some time to check out some of the other great features. We would love to hear your feedback. If you would like more of these then please let us know. Likewise if you already have Demo Mate running in the RTC then please shout as it will save me having to figure it out for myself.



You can download the demo mate exe for your own use from here along with the lab files from the September DCO workshops. Enjoy!


Phil Newman

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