NAV External Connector offer is back!

I am delighted to announce that we are extending the promotional offer on External Connector. This will give more customers a chance to benefit from this new licensing method for unnamed users at the cost of BREP only.

The Context

Last year Microsoft introduced with an additional option for licensing access to the application, its data and its logic, in the form of the External Connector. With the External Connector, customers have the right to allow access to the application for an unlimited number of external users (i.e. users not working for the customers own organization).

The introduction of the External Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV should be viewed in connection with our Software Licensing Terms (SLT) clarifying those requirements applicable to any form of external access to the NAV functionality. This is also related to our introduction of Microsoft Dynamics® Client for Office (DCO). To obtain more information about the SLT changes and the corresponding terminology, please feel free to access the price list section available on PartnerSource.

Customers need to license access through DCO or External Connector in scenarios where external users are connected to the application. Notwithstanding the promotion below, this will be a requirement for all new customers as well as for existing customers (as provided for in the new SLT).

The Offer

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we want to ensure customers get the most out their investments. Therefore, we want to make the decision very easy for existing customers to expand the scope of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution to external users also (e.g. connecting to vendors and customers, or creating e-commerce solutions), and license this in the best possible way.

Microsoft offers the External Connector license (Granule 2510) to eligible Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers for the price of the maintenance plan (BREP) only. This offer is valid from November 1, 2009 until April 1, 2010. It will not be extended or repeated beyond this date.


The offer will be applied to orders placed to Microsoft for existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers with license issued before December 1, 2008, and where customer is current on its Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) at the time of placing the order.

The Process

You should submit an order for the External Connector (Granule 2510) to the relevant Microsoft Operations Center (depending on customer location). In addition to the standard ordering steps, if you wish to take advantage of this promotional offer, you must indicate this on the order as follows:


External Connector Promotion Instructions


Europe, Middle East & Africa Region

Please enter “VKB960665” in the PromoWeb ID field in either Commerce, Deployed C/CAPS or the EOC Order Coversheet


Asia Pacific Region, Japan and China

Please enter “APOCMBSM10095” in the PromoWeb ID field on the Order Form.


North America, Canada & LATAM Region

Please, enter “External Connector Offer” in the Subject Line when placing an order through PartnerSource > Ordering > Place and Order.

The Microsoft Operations Center will validate that the eligibility criteria have been met. If the eligibility criteria have been met, the External Connector will be added to the customer’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV license for the price of the enhancement/services plan (BREP) only.

Please note: The External Connector promotion will not be applied to the order unless you specifically request the promotion on their order as outlined above.

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