DCO Workshops a Big Hit…

Thank you to everyone who attended the NAV DCO/MOSS workshops over the last couple of weeks.

The feedback has been fantastic.

“This week’s course in Manchester was excellent. Not only did i manage to get the labs done but more importantly i now know what we need to do in terms of moving forwards with the technology and functionality that is available through Share Point.”

“Historically we have always demonstrated WSS with SQL reports and Dynamics NAV and CRM.  However following this workshop it has given us some great ideas to add in to our VPC images.  This will allow us to show Dynamics NAV, and CRM in conjunction with MOSS, BDC and Excel etc. Which we would have either ignored or just weren’t aware of.”

The Business Data Catalog (BDC) in particular has been a new feature to almost everyone who attended. Using the Forms Bridge software to convert .pdf documents to InfoPath forms has been used in a couple of successful pre-sales engagements already!

We are planning to run another session later in the Autumn.

I will be making the files available over the sky drive next week.

Thanks again

Phil Newman

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