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The Demo To Win Course is running again on March 13th at TVP.

You can book in here:

A 1-day skills oriented workshop for Microsoft Partners who present and demonstrate Microsoft Dynamics solutions

Intended Audience:
Sales & pre-sales


The goal of the MS Dynamics demonstrating to win workshop is simple: deliver a practical, proven set of skills, tools and procedures that both beginners and veterans can immediately put to use to improve their demo-to-win ratio

The workshop focuses on the presentation elements of a Microsoft Dynamics software demonstration. You will learn numerous techniques for effectively engaging the audience, showing business processes to different personality types and delivering benefits. After modelling how a demonstration should be given, students are given an opportunity to test drive what they learned. Throughout the day, Microsoft Dynamics software is used to deliver examples of the techniques being learned as well as the most common mistakes (Demo Crimes) committed. Attendees participate in a number of small group exercises which provide them an opportunity to
1) practice the skills they are learning and
2) apply them to a live deal they are working on.


The course comes highly recommended.

Phil Newman

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