Disco 2 Win launches!

Well, not quite disco as we know it... but twice as exciting. We are kicking off our latest series of Sales Excellence training courses called "Discovery 2 Win". It is our follow up to the extremely popular Demo2Win courses we have been running for our Dynamics partners for the last couple of years. It gives a really solid methodology and grounding in making sure that your demos are relevant, accurate and interesting to your prospects.

You can book on the course through this link: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/partner/dynamicstraining/


2WIN Day 2: Discovery to Win


All Dynamics Products


This course is designed to act as a follow on from the Day 1 Demonstrating 2 Win course and will help presales and sales individuals form structure around their discovery sessions with prospects prior to demonstrations. It introduces some different techniques for information gathering and allows the attendees to apply these through a series of exercises.


Discovery2WIN is primarily aimed at Pre-sales and Sales individuals within Microsoft Dynamics Partners


Please ensure all attendees have completed the 2WIN Day 1: Demonstrating to Win course and the required e-learning for Discovery2WIN prior to attending this Day 2 course.


The main objective is to ensure that each attendee gains the skills, structure and techniques to conduct a successful discovery session and help drive a winning demonstration.


The course will cover these broad areas:

· Concepts and Guiding Principles

· Pre-Discovery

· Questioning Strategies

· Discovery Interviews

· Alternative Techniques

· Transitioning information


Please bring a Laptop to store and utilise the discovery supporting materials and remember to complete the e-learning prior to the course.



Dates / Time

20th February

30th March

15th April

Arrival Time: 9.00 for a 9.30 Start

End time: 16.30

Hayley Bass & Will Mcintee

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