Today’s the Day – NAV 2009 released!

It’s here! Microsoft announced today the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, a comprehensive, innovative business management solution that helps people work faster and smarter, and gives businesses the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and growth.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 embodies simplicity, ease-of-use and adaptability and helps partners and customers alike realize significant productivity gains, enabling you to work faster and smarter to drive business success.

Never before has so much effort been put into a Microsoft Dynamics NAV release – from extensive customer research and a complete architecture redesign, to a concentrated focus on quality. The product has been thoroughly tested by the 17 ISVs and VARs who participated in the Technology Adoption Program (TAP). In addition, we currently have more than 10 customers live on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

While this release marks the end of an unprecedented development project, it also signals the start of a new technological era – one where the individual user is the primary focus. Not only does the RoleTailored user experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 benefit customers, it gives partners even more opportunities to grow your business.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, businesses can:

·         Provide a streamlined, RoleTailored user experience to help people work more effectively.

·         Improve agility with enhanced flexibility to adapt to meet changing needs.

·         Connect Microsoft Dynamics NAV easily to a wide range of applications with .NET Web services.

·         Provide new options for designing reports that are intuitive to work with and easier to distribute.

·         Maximize existing investments in Microsoft products and technologies, including Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Services and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.


One of the biggest challenges faced by customers using ERP systems is how to get started using the right functionality in the applications. With the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and its new RoleTailored client, we finally have a great answer for that challenge. Those capabilities allow users to focus on the 20 percent of the application's functionality that they need to do their job and push the rest into the background,” says Scott Brennan, managing consultant with Sikich, a US-based solution provider and Microsoft Dynamics NAV reseller.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 introduces several new capabilities designed to increase usage of ERP and fuel individual and company-wide productivity, including the following:

  • Personalised Role Centers corresponding to 21 key job functions. Based on research into the way employees really work, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 delivers simplified access to RoleTailored views and business processes through Role Centers designed and delivered out-of-the-box for more than 21 key employee roles.  Role Centers change the work paradigm for the traditional user by providing a single overview of job-related tasks and information. By helping people to organize, prioritize, and access their work from a single location, Role Centers can increase productivity and effectiveness. With an easy-to-navigate window into their work world and the ability to personalize their Role Centers to fit their own unique work styles, employees have a powerful way to get work done accurately and efficiently.

  • Improved business intelligence & reporting capabilities based on the new Microsoft SQL Server database layer introduced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, enable employees to drill into data, identify trends, generate business insights, and monitor how they’re tracking against key performance indicators. The new Business Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 delivers powerful new features designed to make it easier for your clients to create and consume business information. In this new release, Microsoft Dynamics NAV focuses more than ever on simplicity and making information available in and intuitive and easy way so all employees can gain the insight they need to act on behalf of the business.

  • .NET Web Services allow partners and customers to integrate data and business logic from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 with other applications to support a wide range of scenarios. For example, businesses wanting to deploy credit check functionality to enable employees who normally do not have access to the ERP system to run credit checks on a new customer can easily create web services that make the process simple and efficient in providing the employee with access to recent and accurate credit data.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, we’ve listened to what customers are saying: We need technology to help us stay focused on our business and be competitive. But make it simple for us to work with, so that our people want to work with it. Give us solutions that help people work smarter. And don’t stop at innovation as an end point in itself—use innovation so that our business can move forward now and into the future.



Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is available in Australia, Canada (English and French), Denmark, France, Germany, India (English), Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, the UK and the US on 1 December 2008. Availability in an additional 28 national markets will be announced nearer to the specific country release dates. More information can be found at and on PartnerSource.


Posted by Steve Farr

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