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Dear NAV Partners

It’s been a  busy week!

Please find to follow links to assist with the migration to the new VAT rates in NAV.

Please read the UK VAT Change Whitepaper and the Disclaimer at the bottom of this post first before installing the fob files.

· UK VAT Change Whitepaper:

· UK VAT Change Tool:

· UK VAT Change Tool & Text for NAV 3.70 only:


The objects of the tool are within the free number range 70593 – 70595. Please make sure before importing this tool, that this number range is not occupied already by other objects. You can renumber within the free number range if needed.

This tool was originally developed for the German VAT raise on 01.01.2007. It has been developed and tested based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions DE 3.70 and DE 4.0. Due to the very short time scale it was not possible to develop a complete tool for the GB version. For version Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 the Modules Jobs, Service and Prepayment have been added. Due to the short time frame this has not been tested in detail.

The tool does not cover 100 % of all scenarios and issues that appear due to the VAT change. It is meant to assist the user with the work.

Please also keep in mind:

If you provided goods or services before 01.12.2008 and more than 14 days before you issue the VAT invoice, the old VAT rate may need to be used. However please refer to: or contact HMRC for further guidance.   

Regardless if you change the VAT rate with or without running the tool: Please make sure that in the transition period all entries are checked before posting!

Many Thanks

Phil Newman

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