October Roadshow Lite: NAV 2009 Licensing & Top Solutions

The October Roadshow Lite (that is the monthly live meeting!) is running this Friday from 3.00 – 4.00PM. I

I am planning to run through the licensing changes that are imminent with the release of NAV 2009. If you didn’t attend the roadshows last week then make some time to get up to speed on what is coming down the track. The licensing changes will also be covered at the Sales & Marketing Training running during November and December.

There will also be a short presentation from Top Solutions. Top Solutions are a new ISV to the UK. The channel manager is Torben Jeppesen.

“With Project Management from TopSolutions you will be able to support all the different project types needed in a complex and living organization. The fully integrated add-on solution for managing projects gathers all functionalities in one solution giving the possibility for time and resource planning, handling of project economy and invoicing, Web interface for the light user and many other features on the different project roles. The integration to MS Project and Exchange/Outlook gives the user a good overview in order to optimize their projects.”

See you on Friday.

Use the info below to join the meeting:

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    Meeting ID: C6KCJQ
    Location: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft

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