NAV 2009 Readiness

I am getting a lot of enquiries about NAV 2009 Readiness plans. Everyone is very excited about the prospect of selling NAV 2009. Everyone also wants to be sure that they are as prepared as can be ahead of release.

With this in mind this note is an outline of our plans for readiness delivery leading up to and following the release of NAV 2009.

The UK readiness activities for NAV 2009 are broken down into two streams.

Technical Readiness:

For the launch  of NAV 2009 (and unique to the UK) we are going to be running a two stage technical readiness plan.

Stage 1:

We are currently building a 3 day instructor led NAV 2009 Technical Training Course. This covers everything from installation and deployment through to report and forms transformation. Each section will be fully supported with a hands on lab.

This material should be ready for internal review later this week. We plan to run this course at the end of October. Each delegate will get copies of the labs, training material and VPCs on a portable hard drive to take away after the course.

Stage 2:

A month after the initial training course we will run a one day follow up ‘deep dive’ technical workshop. The premise for this second stage is that any questions that arise following the initial training can be answered once the delegates have had a chance to practice with NAV 2009. We plan to gather questions for this session ahead of time. We will also cover off key findings from the TAP program.

We hope that this two stage approach should get the Technical NAV channel into good shape.

The dates for the technical training events are to be confirmed. We are planning to run the initial batch at the end of October with the follow up at the end of November. We will run both events again during December and January respectively. Both courses are likely to run at TVP. As soon as we can we will publish details onto the Partner Learning Center (PLC)

Demand is likely to be very high so please once the dates are announced book in straight away. There will be a nominal charge to reduce the # of drop outs on attendance.

Sales & Marketing Readiness:

Sales and Marketing Readiness will consist of a series of one day events run at Reading, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Each event will be made up of the following modules:

· Role Tailored Story & Messaging

· Functional changes & Terminology          

· Licensing changes

· High Level Demo Structure & Approach

· Infrastructure Requirements Guide

· Selling the Business Benefits of Web Services

· Web Services & Reporting Services Showcase

· Useful links & Bedtime Reading

The dates for these events are to be confirmed. We are planning to run them during November, ahead of general release. As soon as the venues and dates have been confirmed I will publish to the Partner Learning Center for booking.

As always comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Many Thanks

Phil Newman

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