Roadshow Lite: Rugged Logic

At the NAV Roadshow we always try and showcase new ISVs that are coming into the market in the UK. The feedback for this part of the day has been consistent around the fact that there is real benefit to the partner channel by having an opportunity to see new ISV solutions and begin commercial discussions.  Many of you have asked us to increase the amount of time given over to ISVs on the Roadshows. To try and accommodate this we are planning to run a series of Roadshow Lite Live Meetings. These will be run every month initially and should last no longer than 40 mins. The idea being to brief the channel on any breaking NAV news and then hand over for a demo of the ISV solution. This would be followed by a Q&A session. This should bring benefit to the whole channel via an increased opportunity to liaise with the NAV product team and increase awareness of new ISV solutions.

I will publish the scheduled dates and proposed ISVs onto the NAV blog and Partner Portal over the next few days and provide a link for you to book in.

In the meantime here is a list of proposed topics for the next 3 months.

· Rugged Logic:

· Top Solutions:

· Microsoft BSA team

If there are any items that you would like to see added to the agenda please let me know.

The first NAV Roadshow Lite will be run on Thursday 4th September at 3.00PM and will feature ‘4cast’ solution from Rugged Logic. Details below:

ISV Rugged Logic's "4cast" is a medium enterprise financial planning solution integrated to both Dynamics NAV that combines historical data with current business drivers and an understanding of the business environment to create a financial picture of businesses in the future.

Rugged Logic outline  4 key requirements of a corporate financial solution:

• Accuracy & Reliability through the use of over 20 thousand built-in checksums and accreditation by the ICAEW
• Usability delivered through integrated navigation and easy to use menu structure
• Functionality in areas such as What if scenario’s and Roll Forward
• Flexibility is paramount and is available through the that fact that 4cast is delivered in Microsoft Excel

Use this link to book in for this first session:

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